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The Beauty of Cozumel

Available for several years now, this video is timeless as it captures the essence of the island and is simply beautiful to watch and relaxing too!

Long time Cozumel resident, avid diver and videographer Fox Hill captures the essence of Cozumel in this downloadable video called "The Beauty of
Cozumel." Enjoy Fox Hill's stunning underwater photography in this digitally filmed and edited 43 minute video shot entirely on location in Cozumel.
"The Beauty of Cozumel" video features the best footage from hundreds of dives on Cozumel's reefs as well as some of the sights of the island topside
and it include a wildlife identification sequence as well.  Whether you're planning to go or have already been, this Cozumelmaps Exclusive Edition of
"The Beauty of Cozumel" makes an outstanding souvenir of your Cozumel vacation experience!

Upon payment of the digital download, we will provide you with an email with the link to the digital download of the movie.  Take a look at the movie trailer below.

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Check back again soon - more Cozumel movies under development!